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Well that worked!

So clearly making posts on Staging works. But of course if I make a post on the live site directly it is going to get overwritten and lost. So that means there has to be a process when making a change:

  1. Make a taging copy of the live site.
  2. Make edits and test.
  3. Push to live.

I also need to check what happens about other changes e.g.

  • Changing versions of plugins
  • Changing versions of themes / different theme.
  • Adding a plugin.
  • Adding a page.
  • Editing a page.
  • Adding media to the media library.
  • Changing menus.

If that all works then just maybe we have a working process!

Cron not working

It seems that the cron in my WordPress installation isn’t working. I wonder if it is deliberately disabled by my ISP?  Support ticket raised, I await an answer.  One step forward and two back.

Lets have a picture of a cat!

This cat got the cream!